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Clinical Lab Billing

Clinical Lab Billing

Need Accurate & Efficient Clinical Lab Billing?

MedBill RCM understands the ever-growing and ever-changing challenges faced by today’s clinical labs. Billers and coders must have knowledge of the extensive types of services a clinical lab may provide (e.g. biological, serological, hematological, cytological) and the rules for in and out-of-network billing. They must maintain familiarity with the latest medical technologies, CPT, and ICD-10 codes, and understand what is required to ensure claims support medical necessity. But the margin for error is slim.



Medbill RCM is providing Transparent and Timely Payment Solutions for High-Quality Patient Care

Clinical labs can’t afford to lose out on revenue or waste time dealing with claim denials. That’s why labs across the country trust MedBill RCM for their medical billing needs. With over a decade of experience in clinical lab billing, we’ve developed one of the nation’s most effective laboratory billing and coding services, customized for each client’s unique needs and objectives. Our team of laboratory billing specialists and AAPC-certified coders work closely with you to deliver the best possible billing practices and procedures. To learn more about our clinical laboratory billing services, request a free demo or contact us for more information.


What you'll get

Lab Accessioning

Ensure accurate tracking and management of lab samples with MedBill RCM’s streamlined Lab Accessioning services.

Lab Credentialing

Ensure compliance and accuracy in lab testing with MedBill RCM’s expert Lab Credentialing services.

Lab IT Support

Streamline your clinical lab billing operations with MedBill RCM’s expert Lab IT Support services, ensuring optimal efficiency and accuracy in your lab testing processes.

Lab Authorization

Streamline your lab testing authorization process with MedBill RCM’s efficient and reliable Lab Authorization services.

Lab Inbound Outbound Calls

Ensure seamless communication and management of lab testing inquiries with MedBill RCM’s efficient and professional Lab Inbound/Outbound Call services.

Lab Accounts Receivable

Maximize revenue and reduce A/R delays with MedBill RCM’s comprehensive Lab Accounts Receivable management services.


Discover how our services have helped others achieve their goals
  • We have been using Medbill RCM for several years and have found their services to be exceptional; their team is responsive, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping our practice succeed.

    Office Manager
  • Medbill RCM has been an invaluable partner for our practice, ensuring that our claims are accurately processed and quickly paid, allowing us to focus on providing quality patient care.

    Physical Therapist
  • Medbill RCM has significantly reduced our administrative burden by managing our billing and streamlining our revenue cycle. I would recommend their services to any healthcare provider seeking to improve their financial performance.

    Skilled Nurse
  • Medbill RCM provided exceptional service, delivering high-quality Billing  services within the promised timeline. I highly recommend them.

  • Medbill RCM has handled our billing professionally, helped with old claims, and quickly resolved problems or denials, making my job easier as billing manager; I would recommend them.

    Billing Manager


Working Together is Success

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