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Hospice Care

Delivering promises is what we do

OASIS Review

Optimizing patient outcomes and reimbursement rates through accurate OASIS  reviews.Medbill RCM’s commitment to quality services.

Ensure Compliance

Medbill RCM provides built-in best practices that assist in guiding OASIS questioning resulting in notations mode whenever visits are opened or closed. This system offers on additional layer of protection against audits.

Operate safely

To ensure your data’s protection, it’s essential to inquire about an EHR partner’s security program, Medbill RCM has adopt best practices and protocols from a leader in digital health and connected technology, providing you with enhanced security measures.

Improve patient care

Enforcing logic-based questions and workflows can assist clinicians in documenting their progress directly against the care plan, enhancing visit documentation quality and compliance while highlighting patient improvement. 


Streamline Your Productivity With Efficient Intake & Scheduling Solutions

At MedBill RCM, we offer customized intake and scheduling services for hospice care. We work closely with healthcare providers and hospice care teams to develop a personalized care plan, and prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance. Our team provides ongoing support throughout the process, communicating regularly with all parties involved to ensure that patients receive the highest quality of care at the right time.


Maximizing Reimbursements & Minimizing Denials

  • We are oriented toward meeting the needs and expectations of the patient by aligning clinical interventions such that it improves the patient's quality of life.
  • Improve accuracy, increase reimbursements and save time by ensuring accurate claims.
  • Identify OASIS issues in real-time, and stay survey-ready and compliant.
  • Making sure that the care provided is safe, effective, efficient, equitable and patient-centered.

Maximizing Reimbursements & Minimizing Denials

  • Our revenue cycle management solution automates claims processing, enabling you to concentrate on providing care and expanding your business.
  • Submit, monitor, modify, and update claims.
  • Obtain a detailed explanation of your Medicare eligibility status in real-time.
  • Access your claims in real time on any platform.

Transparency & Accountability

  • One-stop shop provides business growth visibility and control.
  • Real-time data facilitates prompt, well-informed decision-making.
  • An industry-leading support team is committed to the success of its clients.
  • Receive quicker payments through a direct connection to all payers, including CMS.
  • Robust reports enable an overview of all aspects of your business


Working Together is Success

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